Everything you need to know about JUCY's Milford Sound Cruise

How do I get to Milford Sound?

There are a number of different ways to get to Milford Sound including self-drive, day-trips by coach and by air

Your Milford Sound boat trip does not depart from Queenstown wharf – some people do ask that!

How long does it take to drive to Milford Sound from Queenstown and Te Anau?

It is a good idea to allow at least 4.5 hours from Queenstown, and 2.5 hous from Te Anau to ensure that you have enough time for all the photo stops along the way! This time-frame also allows for a 20 minute break in Te Anau if driving from Queenstown.

Are snow chains required on the road to Milford Sound?

During winter, as with all alpine mountain passes, snow chains should be carried. There are road condition signs on the way to Te Anau from Queenstown, and leaving Te Anau itself, but it is recommended to keep an eye on the New Zealand Transport Agency’s website for the most up to date information.

Are there EFTPOS or Credit Card facilites on the boat to make purchases?

You can pay for your cruise using EFTPOS or Credit Card at the booking desk, but it’s a good idea to bring some cash for refreshments on the boat as EFTPOS facilities are limited on board the boat. 

Is there an ATM machine in Milford Sound?

There is no ATM in Milford Sound – make sure you bring all the cash that you think you will need. The last ATM available before Milford Sound is located in Te Anau.

Do you operate every day?

Yes! We want to show you Milford Sound every day of the year! 

Do I need a raincoat?

Milford Sound is one of the wettest places in New Zealand with over 180 rain days a year. A jacket and warm clothing are recommended, as the weather can be unpredictable all year round. You’ll definitely need a rain jacket (and a change of clothes!) if you decide to take advantage of Milford’s free shower service underneath Stirling Falls waterfall.

Will we see dolphins?

It’s not uncommon for Bottlenose Dolphins to make their way into Milford Sound. They love to play in the boats wake so keep your camera handy!

Is it worth going to Milford Sound when it is raining?

Milford Sound is stunning in any weather! The more it rains, the more waterfalls you will see. Our crew all agree that Milford is more spectacular in the rain as the surrounding mountains come alive with countless waterfalls that you don’t see on a sunny day.

Is there a petrol station in Milford Sound?

There is only a very limited supply of fuel in Milford Sound. We would strongly recommend you fuel up before you leave Te Anau.

Is there any cellphone or internet coverage in Milford Sound?

Cellphone coverage finishes a very short way along the Milford road once you have left Te Anau. There are emergency phones at certain locations along the road, including at the Homer Tunnel. 

Is the vessel Wheelchair Accessible?

The vessel is wheel chair accessible from the wharf into the main passenger cabin and has accessible toilet facilities on this deck. The remainder of the boat is not accessible by wheelchair.

Is there somewhere we can park at Milford Sound?

Once you reach the end of the Milford road there is a large carpark available for everyone cruising Milford Sound. It is a short 5 to 10 minute walk from the carpark to the terminal building where your cruise departs. Please note that you cannot park directly outside the terminal building. 

Milford Sound Tourism Ltd have introduced a $25/5hrs parking charge in the main car parks at Milford Sound. Information about parking at Milford can be found here www.milfordsoundtourism.nz/parking.

There is a free carpark at Deepwater Basin (left turn after the Milford Sound Lodge) but please allow enough time in your journey plan for the 25 minute walk to the terminal from here (remembering check in begins 20 – 30 minutes before the cruise!)

Can you camp in Milford Sound? 

There are Department of Conservation campsites all the way along the Milford road but none once you pass through the Homer Tunnel. The only accommodation facilities available in Milford Sound itself is Milford Sound Lodge. 

Is there an opportunity to purchase food on the way to Milford Sound or in Milford Sound?

The last point with a large selection of cafes and supermarkets is Te Anau. In Milford itself, there is only one small cafe. Snacks and drinks are available for cash purchase on the boat.

What should I take and what do I need for my trip to Milford Sound?

Here’s an idea of must-have items:

      • Cash – to pay for purchases on the boat.
      • A rain jacket – even on a sunny day the waterfalls will get you wet.
      • A camera – to record your day.
      • Sunglasses – it can be bright if the sun is shining!
      • Finally, if you are self-driving, a full tank of petrol when leaving Te Anau.

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